Empties Review: La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream

La Mer the Moisturising Soft Creme

 The La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream was my first foray into the world of ultra luxury skincare. Famous for its air of exclusivity and a joke that Cher spreads it on her morning toast, it has created a rich brand founded on its nutrient rich miracle broth to inspire a whole line of products.

I found my experience to be pretty true to its claims; La Mer argues its miracle broth permeates the skin’s strata to moisturise deeply. I don't know how deep it got, but I found it very moisturising that would plump up my skin, particularly after a long day of work or a day in the sun.

Depending on the season, my skin ranges from combination to a little oily, that said the Moisturising Soft Creme was still a little heavy for me where my forehead would become a little shiny by a summer's afternoon, but I found it a great option as a night creme and face mask. La Mer suggests it is better for combination/drier skin which I later learn't soft doesn't mean lighter!

La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream partial ingredients list via La Mer’s Australian website

La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream partial ingredients list via La Mer’s Australian website

Although their miracle broth is listed first as the biggest active ingredient you also find glycerin a common ingredient featured by other brands for its moisturising qualities and cheap price. Other bazaar finds are Petrolatum, hydrogenated vegetable oil and cholesterol! Who knew I could use it to batter fish and chips? I'm not sure if these ingredients are being used as a carrier because shea butter is also listed, but these 3 ingredients don't match the expensive branding and price.

With La Mer’s special application process you are meant to roll the cream in your hands to activate it before you apply it to your face. Because of the direct contact you are easily able to spread it from your hair line to your chin and if your wallet can afford it your neck too. Only a small amount is needed and a little went a long way and found it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

I would buy it again, but for the winter months only and in some years time because I think it would see more benefit for skin that has seen some years.

The La Mer Moisturising Soft Creme can be found online at Net-A-Porter.

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