Empties Review: French Girl Cleansing Wash

Empties Review French Girl Cleansing Wash

French Girl has been a beauty go-to that has seen it grow from humble beginnings as an Etsy store to being featured in many big name publications and stockists. I regularly swap out products in my beauty regimen for something new and I thought the Neroli du Maroc Cleansing Wash was a great contender with its huge focus on natural ingredients that will give your skin a moisturising, yet thorough clean.

Reading through the ingredients list is like flipping through a botanist’s catalogue with many inclusions like aloe, rooibos tea, white tea, jojoba, ylang ylang and more. French Girl states the Neroli Du Maroc Cleansing Wash is vegan, free from parabens, sulphates and other nasties with some being certified organic. It is also gluten-free because you might want to use it as a spread on toast!

With natural cleaners like activated charcoal, baking soda, alcohol and more, I found it a very gentle cleanse where I found myself wanting a 2nd cleanse which is something a little unusual for me. You are guided to use it on damp skin where I found it to feel like an emulsion. This was a little bit of a problem for me as I didn’t feel like it was giving me good coverage or it felt like I was moving water around my face.

Aside from the botanicals, it also features Sodium Hyaluronate a form of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C esters to help leave you with hydrated skin. I think next I want to try one of their body scrubs.

The French Girl Neroli du Maroc Cleansing Wash can be found at Anthrapologie.

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