6 Reasons Why a Travel Partner is Holding You Back

When you love travelling you often want to share it with those around you and bring them closer than just an Instagram photo or occasional Facebook status update. It is easy to get caught up talking about your plans, but you forget the logistics of group travel and that you can be stuck in a good thing. Travelling together is a huge bonding activity to create new understanding with each other, but you have to make sure you return as friends as well. Here are 6 reasons why group travel could hold you back.

Group Travel at the Suzhou Museum in China
  1. Different Budgets: The Prince and the Pauper

    There is always one in the group that makes every experience so dry. Whether they are the ultimate budget traveler who skips on drinks at lunch or brings you to a broken shack of a hostel 30kms from town, their budget is pulling you away from the experiences you dreamt of. The same could be said for that luxury travel princess who will only eat at hotel restaurants because they are scared of the local street food. When your group isn't in tune with each other, the price of food/activities to just bottled water becomes a tug of war to find a common ground.

  2. Traveling at Different Speeds: The Tortoise & the Hare

    This is something I am guilty of, I push slow travel to the extreme where I have been known to spend over a month in 1 city! I love seeing more things slowly with many coffee breaks in between which is much to the chagrin of my travel partners who want to see anything and everything in 48 hours!

  3. Doing Absolutely Everything Together: Dark Shadow

    Its funny when your friend who lives alone, works a professional job, does all their errands and even moves houses alone, but needs an escort to the cafe, the laundry or a lazy stroll. Somehow people lose their independence and rely on each other too much. There is no time to decompress, reflect on an activity or meet new people because you're still talking about Gabriel's party from '14.

  4. Quirks Get Old

    A classic event when you are sharing clothes, sitting side by side on interstate trains and live in the same sardine sized dormitory; each person's quirck's become less cute with every passing day. With the tapping of one's foot to their nasal snore every action is an attack to your sanity. You don't want to be that pair who has broken up after 10 years of friendship.

  5. Bad Babysitter

    From that moment stepping off the plane some people lose themselves because new country means new me. From their 4th cocktail during their morning swim to downing shots on a pub crawl, you start playing mother goose making sure your friend has their phone, holding their hair back and somehow pull their arse into bed. Do you really want to be playing babysitter when you're not going to be paid?

  6. Rely on each other too much: Joined at the Hip

    Even when you and your mate are tight your friendship can get in the way of finding new experiences. You don't need to meet other travelers in the hostel or take a local's offer for dinner because you have each other. It also blurs into other areas where you don't experience something amazing like bungee jumping because of shy Sally.

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