10 Tips to survive flights to and from Australia

It doesn’t matter that you are super stoked to make it to the land of kangaroos, Finding Nemo and drop bears, flying to Australia is a great feat. Forgetting that complaining about the lengths of flights is a first world problem or it used to take many days and connections decades ago, it doesn't make the journey any easier. No one likes being stuck in a flying tin can you can't move around in much less being seated in the middle seat.

For those embarking down under or are wanderlust Aussies doing the obligatory Euro trip, everything requires a long transit. Even going to Thailand, an Aussie favourite still requires a 14 hour flight.

For someone that has had to endure this many times, here is my list to get you through long flights without being that person monopolosing the aisle to do your yoga.

Plane wing from inside the cabin. Tips to survive flights to and from Australia
  1. Don't worry about looking like Hannibal, a Korean sheet mask will put moisture back into you skin leaving you looking and feeling fresh for touch down.

  2. Sanitise arm rests and tray table. With flying becoming so common and shorter intervals given to cleaning crews, planes aren't the cleanest space.

  3. Download as much content to all your devices. Economy class has evolved so much that even we get to enjoy individual screens, but TV series are often partially shown so enjoy episodes 2, 3 and 7. Also powerbanks are your best friend. After watching a few a few movies you still want enough juice to order an Uber when you arrive.

  4. If your in-flight meals are edible, eat it all and slow. Eating takes a lot of time on a flight juggling 40 packets on a small tray. This goes against Anthony Bourdain's advice, but it helps get you through.

  5. Blow up neck cushion. OK this might be the most touristy thing you can get, but who cares when you're comfortable. When you land simply deflate and hide it next to your selfie stick.

  6. Spend this time looking through your phone's photo gallery and remove duplicates, bad shots and edit those worthy for Instagram.

  7. Drink as much tomato juice as you can. It is one of the few things that tastes better at high altitudes. Skip soft drinks and alcohol that will reduce your energy levels and dehydrate you. Bonus Tip, if water isn't served bottled it comes from a tank in the plane that isn't regularly cleaned.

  8. If you work freelance use this time to catch up on work. Why spend your first day stuck on your laptop.

  9. Be creative and knit a scarf or sketch in a journal using your travel photos for inspiration.

  10. If you are travelling solo try make conversation with someone next to you if they are interested in it of course. They may be a local who could share some tips and recommendations.

Bonus tip: Take advantage of the long flight and instead of making the shortest connection, take some time to explore Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong etc and enjoy seeing more places in the one trip!