Culture Redux is the culmination of a number of different blogs exploring travel, art, architecture, photography and lifestyle.

Armed with a camera and pen Culture Redux captures and shares life's creative pursuits between a Greek coffee and παχιμαδια.

A collection of discoveries. Finding beauty in small things. Chasing something larger.

All text and images unless otherwise stated has been created by Terry Dionysopoulos.



Founded and edited by Terry Dionysopoulos, Culture Redux is the result of multiple months brooding, going through multiple domains and ideas before he found one that fit. A seasoned content creator, he holds a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) where he has since been published in multiple print and online publications, ran other blogs professionally and currently works full time as a copy writer/product coordinator for a large multi-national retailer.

Sporting a DSLR and a vintage Mamiya C220 TLR Terry is vested in creating content  for the sheer love of sharing stories. And maybe more importantly, Terry is a lover of fine food and restaurants and always obsessed with art and travel.

I’m open to collaborations and advertising. I’m very interested in working together and providing regular and freelance news and copy work. Please contact me for any pitches, questions or to simply say hi!